AFMC Commander's Log

  • Published
  • By General Donald Hoffman
  • Commander, AFMC
AFMC Warriors,

My leadership philosophy is based on three principles:

#1 -- Safely and professionally execute the mission

#2 -- Protect, conserve and consume resources under your control as if they were your own

#3 -- Positively motivate yourself and others toward continued service in the Air Force

I want to take a minute and focus on the first principle - safely and professionally execute the mission. Mission accomplishment is always our first priority, with safety and professionalism as the cornerstones to mission success. Safety is critical because every human life and resource is precious and required to meet mission demands. Professionalism dictates how we do our job, how we train, and how we train others to effectively meet the demands placed on us.

When young pilots graduate flight school, we place them with experienced mentors to enable them to safely and professionally grow into the combat and test pilots we need at the tip of the spear. We do the same with our new engineers, nurses, and maintainers. We give our newest Airmen time with those who know the mission, know how to accomplish it correctly, and who will shape them into future Air Force leaders. Conversely, a lack of safety discipline and professionalism, such as a technician who relies on shortcuts instead of following the prescribed technical order, a pilot who fails to apply aerial discipline, or an Airmen who attempts to exceed his or her motorcycle skill level becomes a danger to mission accomplishment.

Within AFMC in the last 90 days, we have experienced 49 mishaps that took our personnel off the line and out of the action for over 700 days. Fractures, strains, and lacerations from a combination of falls, overexertion, inattention, and improper procedures comprise the bulk of these mishaps. In an organization as large as ours, 2 man-years of lost productivity may not seem like much but think for a moment of your individual contribution to the mission those last 2 years. Each of us has vital role in the professional execution of the mission.

I challenge each of you to keep a strong focus on mishap prevention and professional conduct so we can continue to execute our mission of delivering war-winning capabilities...on time, on cost.

Jacki and I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable end of summer.

Donald Hoffman