Veterans Day: A time to remember

  • Published
  • By Gen. Donald Hoffman
  • Commander, Air Force Materiel Command
Duty, honor, country: these words are just as significant today as they were in the past. As Air Force Materiel Command continues to equip warfighters, these words have strengthened our resolve and prepared us for the future.

All the great wars fought at home and abroad transformed this country, making it strong and dedicated to the cause of freedom. Many of the veterans of these conflicts paid the highest price, and it is on Veterans Day that we pause and say, "I remember."

Today, we continue to have AFMC Airmen serving in harm's way around the world, as we enter our 10th year of operations following the attacks of 9/11. In this time of war, we should be mindful that today's warfighters deserve their place with past veterans who showed courage and sacrificed greatly in this nation's pursuit of freedom and peace.

During times of war, there are many instances of bravery as generations of girls and boys leave home and return as women and men. Stories are told of a father who pushed across Europe into Germany, an uncle killed in the Pusan Perimeter battles in Korea, a brother wounded in Vietnam or a sister who served in Afghanistan. Each returned home with the hope that the next generation would never have to go to war.

This is a day of remembrance -- of the pain of separation, from the loss of a close friend in battle to the concern for the safety of a deployed spouse. But it is also a time to remember the triumphs, victories and freedoms that our veterans have made possible.

So on this Veterans Day, take time to pause, remember and never forget.