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Hill AFB Airman to participate in ‘Why We Serve’ Tour

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- In July of 2006, the Department of Defense launched a grassroots movement called the "Why We Serve" tour to help better communicate the experiences of U.S. service members to the American public.

The tour takes place every quarter and allows service men and women from each branch of the military to travel across the United States and share stories of their military experience with Americans all over the country.

This quarter, Hill Air Force Base's Tech. Sgt. Robert Jubie from the 75th Civil Engineer Squadron, was one of only two U.S Air Force members selected to participate in the tour.
"We had a huge number of nominations and were very impressed with the caliber of our candidates," said Wendy Varhegyi, Chief of Community Relations at the Pentagon, in a press release. "It was a difficult process to narrow the list down to two, but we are very impressed with our selected representatives."

Sergeant Jubie, who recently came home from a tour in Afghanistan, said he is honored to be chosen to participate in the tour.

"I feel honored. I actually can't even believe it," he said. "To be one of only two Air Force members chosen is amazing. I think it must be for a reason, I feel like it's my calling."

While in Afghanistan, Sergeant Jubie was assigned to a provisional reconstruction team whose mission was to rebuild government buildings, schools, and give aid and humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

"We interacted with the local's of Afghanistan and helped them on a daily basis," Sergeant Jubie said. "It was a very rewarding experience, but it was also dangerous. We lost 10 percent of our unit and we went through a lot mentally and physically."

Sergeant Jubie said he is participating in the tour because he owes it to the people in his unit who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

"I feel like I owe it to the Air Force, the American Public, the DoD -- really to everybody-- to tell the story of the people in my unit who died. They died helping impoverished people get back on their feet after years and years of war. It's my duty to tell everyone what these people died for."

For more information on how to request a speaker, visit the Department of Defense Speakers Bureau website at http://whyweserve.dod.mil/.