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AFSO21: Logistics Readiness eliminates process, saves time, money

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- The 75th Logistics Readiness Squadron recently implemented an Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiative that eliminated a "no-value added" process.

Historically, customers turned in office furniture to base supply office who, in turn, turned-in the furniture to the Defense Reutilization Management Office otherwise known as DRMO. With limited warehouse space and the need to streamline processes, the 75 LRS took a risk.

In an effort to save time, the 75th LRS commander, Lt. Col. Todd Toman, directed customers to take office furniture directly to DRMO, thereby, cutting out "the middle man." According to the colonel, items that were declared unneeded by the using organization, did not actually need to be delivered to the LRS warehouse, but became a practice of the past.

"I am very pleased to see the progress made in the area of equipment management ... there have been incalculable savings," said Colonel Toman. "We have saved in the manpower and management areas which, were necessary to temporarily warehouse and handle these items. The sustainment of costly warehouse material and handling equipment, such as fuel, operation and repair, is another way we have saved."

This new policy was distributed to all organizations who are now using the procedure. Eliminating the extra step opened warehouse space, saved manpower and reduced overtime.