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Hill AFB introduces Boldface card

The Hill Air Force Base Boldface Card

The Hill Air Force Base Boldface Card

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- The Air Force has come up with many programs to get its people help should any of them consider suicide. It also requires everyone receive training annually so they know what to look for in someone who's thinking of suicide and how to get them help.

Even with the annual training, seven months down the road people may not remember exactly what to look for or what programs are available for them to use to get their Wingmen help if they need it. Enter Hill Air Force Base's Wingman Boldface Card.

"In a perfect world, we wouldn't need this card because no one would ever consider suicide an option to solve a problem; but this isn't a perfect world," said La Rue Campbell, the Hill AFB sexual assault response coordinator. "Our hope is with this card, people won't have to remember everything from their suicide prevention training. Instead, they can just pull the card out and run down the back to see if there is a potential for suicide. If there is, they can just turn the card over and call any one of the numbers to get their Wingman help."

On the front, the card lists numbers for all the organizations on base that can help with someone who's considering suicide. It also provides a spot to write down the name of "My Wingman" as well as that individual's phone number

On the back of the card it tells how to assess if someone is going to commit suicide. It says the Wingman is to assess the desire and means for self harm. It also has the wingman look at the four dimensions of wellness, making sure their Wingman is physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially stable.

The card also says if someone is thinking about suicide to "get and stay on the Wingman's Wingtip until positive handoff," to a supervisor, first sergeant commander or an agency like mental health or chaplain.

Mr. Campbell said the idea for the card originated from the pilot community, where one pilot will come to the aid of his Wingman during an in-flight emergency.

"Do not wait until a troubled Wingman is in duress before acting," said Mr. Campbell. "Be alert, get involve and take action. Doing so may save a Wingman."

To get a Wingman Boldface card, contact a unit Wingman representative or
Mr. Campbell at 777-1985.