DeCA senior enlisted advisor promotes commissaries to eligible patrons

  • Published
  • By Keith Desbois, DeCA public affairs specialist

FORT GREGG-ADAMS, Va. – The Defense Commissary Agency’s newest eligible patrons, disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients, can take full advantage of the Hill AFB Commissary benefits.

“Last year we saved customers an average of 25 percent on their groceries,” said Marine Sgt. Maj. Michael Saucedo, senior enlisted advisor to the DeCA director. “Just think of that, our customers saved at least 25 cents on the dollar.

For our newest patrons – disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients and their caregivers – that is a significant savings.”

One of Saucedo’s priorities is to get the word out about the commissary benefit to all eligible customers, whether they’re active duty, reservist, retired, or disabled veterans.

“We as leaders owe it to our community to educate them on all the benefits available, especially those that can save them precious dollars,” he added. “As I travel around to different installations, I want to meet with leaders to ensure our message of saving money using their benefit is getting out to all our eligible customers.”

The commissary doesn’t just provide convenience and savings for its customers. The commissary is also a place that provides a sense of community in a modern, clean, safe environment as well as thousands of name brands, Commissary Store Brands and healthy living options with dietitian-approved products, fueling stations and recipes, along with exceptional customer service.

“I am so proud to get out and educate our patrons on their commissary benefit,” Saucedo added. “They earned it by serving their country honorably, and I think if they shop the commissary once, they will see their benefit at work and will continue their commissary shopping experience.”

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