75th CEG creates digital map of ‘lactation spaces’ available for nursing mothers

  • Published
  • By Cynthia Griggs
  • 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The 75th Civil Engineering Group’s digital mapping office just finished creating an interactive digital map locating the 47 spaces around Hill Air Force Base that are being used as lactation rooms for nursing mothers.

Spencer Munson, the 75th CEG cartographic technician who created the lactation room dashboard, said the map enables an easy and quick visual display of location data and allows a user to click on a lactation room to display additional details.

The details include location and address of the facility, amenities, and the facility manager and contact number. Amenities could include the type of seating, storage, refrigerator access, electrical outlet, and privacy features.

Wyteesha McRoberts, Hill’s Affirmative Employment Program Manager, said, “The map allows nursing mothers to know there are options, relieving the stress associated with nursing. This will allow nursing mothers to identify lactation rooms when they are going through their duty day; not knowing where they can go is counterproductive to the mission.”

Bases are now required to establish private, secure and sanitary lactation rooms for nursing mothers within unit facilities, referenced in AFI 36-3013 released by the Secretary of the Air Force Manpower and Reserve Affairs in 2020.  

Munson said last year Air Force Materiel Command bases were tasked with gathering their lactation room status, and work to identify potential lactation rooms around Hill started last summer. Munson said 75th Civil Engineer Squadron customer service contacted facility managers and compiled the information in order to capture the data for web mapping and publishing. In total, it took about three months to compile the map and develop.

In addition to 47 lactation rooms located throughout the base, there is one located on Little Mountain, a military property located in Ogden. Hill also has a lactation pod that was acquired in 2021. The pod is located inside the Customer Support Center at building 430.

Currently the interactive map is only accessible via Hill AFB’s internal network, but plans are in place to distribute copies of the map in high-traffic areas and via Hill’s public-facing website.

View the map via a government-network computer at https://maps.af.mil/geoportal/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/2d6aef1ade99462295f07f8778823cae