‘A-10 Virtual Reality Flight Experience’ takes off at Hill Aerospace Museum

  • Published
  • By Todd Cromar
  • 75th Air Base Wing Pubic Affairs

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- If you’ve ever dreamed of what it would be like to fly an A-10 Thunderbolt II, then strap in, because now is your chance – virtually that is.

Recently, the Hill Aerospace Museum in conjunction with the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah completed a thrilling new exhibit, known as the “A-10 Virtual Reality Flight Experience.”

This exciting new addition gives museum visitors a chance to experience what it’s like to fly in the famous aircraft nicknamed the "Warthog,” over the mountains and valleys of Utah’s west desert.

The simulation was developed and created with collaboration between the Hill Aerospace Museum, 514th Flight Test Squadron, and 2nd Audio Visual Squadron.

Raelyn Embleton, Hill Aerospace Museum education director, said 360 cameras were strapped to the head and chest of pilot, Lt Col. Kevin “Igloo” Belcher, 514th Flight Test Squadron, during a real-world test flight over the Utah Test and Training Range in order to create the virtual simulation.

“The experience begins with a brief introduction of the pilot and the 514th mission, to give the public a better idea of what Hill AFB does, and further educate visitors about the many diverse and interesting missions, that are accomplished here,” she said.

The simulation is viewed through a virtual reality headset and allows users to select from four individual flight segments – take-off, low-level mountain flying, acrobatics and landing – or enjoy the entire flight from start to finish, in succession.

Tickets are $15 for a 25 minute virtual reality flight experience. Check the museum event calendar for dates and times at www.aerospaceutah.org or call 801-825-5817.