Ogden ALC business team earns L-A-M-P award

  • Published
  • By Alex R. Lloyd
  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- In recognition of their hard work, the Business Operations Workload Management team for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex was recently awarded the ALC’s Logistics Airmen Mastering Possibilities, or L-A-M-P, Award.

Brig. Gen. Cauley von Hoffman, Ogden ALC commander, awarded the trophy to the team to recognize their efforts in solving problems with an industrial product vendor program, which supplied small parts to its maintenance work force. The team had to make some extremely important decisions in order to rectify the situation and to make sure the program got back on track and stayed there.

The workload management team went to work immediately as subject matter experts putting plans in place in support of maintenance operations. It accomplished astounding program numbers that many thought the program would never see. While turning heads over the last 18 months through the use of Art of the Possible principles, they began raising goals that allowed for program constraints and road barriers to be quickly resolved.

In addition, the team exceeded the challenging requirements and expectations for the program through management of the kitting process by developing an internal program dashboard used for tracking status and part supportability. The dashboard ultimately provided a clear look into program constraints, resulting in outstanding numbers in kitting fulfillment and raising part supportability from a steady 19% month-to-month average to a steady 95% fulfillment.

The team successfully accomplished part supportabilities highest kitting fulfillment percentage reported at 92.95% in June to 99.53% in July 2019. Also, the lowest level of backlogged kits reported, from 262 to under 50 during the same time, resulted in measured savings more than $876,000 and hundreds of hours over the last 12 months.