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Hill releases 2017 economic impact

  • Published
Hill AFB had a $3.4 billion impact on the Utah economy in 2017, according to base officials.

Hill released its 2017 Economic Impact Statement this month, a report that summarizes the installation’s economic impact on the local community.

The EIS showed there were 25,500 total personnel within Hill AFB, including 5,785 military, 3,362 military dependents and 16,353 civilians.

It indicated an annual federal payroll of $1.38 billion and annual expenditures of $665 million in 2017. It also showed Hill AFB created approximately $1.35 billion in jobs.

The annual report was prepared by Hill AFB's cost and economics division and was calculated using identifiable off-base local area spending from gross expenditures. The figures were rounded to the nearest dollar.

View the 2017 Hill AFB EIS.