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OO-ALC Business Office

OO-ALC is excited to provide direct touch labor hours for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) mission tasks exceeding customer requirements!


Company Introduction

Per OO-ALC Business processes and to ensure appropriate stakeholders are involved, the following information must be provided to accompanied by an attached Company Capability Presentation in PDF Format. *Please note capability briefings are scheduled typically 60 business days after receipt of this form and associated materials.


AMARG: Aircraft Storage/Demilitarization/Hazardous Waste Removal/Aircraft Service Life-Extension or Disposal
AMXG: Aircraft Battle Damage Repair/Robotic Laser De-paint/Aircraft Service Life-Extension/Paint/Low Observable paint projects
CMXG: Advanced Composites Repair/Manufacturing/Radar Cross-section Testing/Textiles/Plating/Coating/ Pylon/Fuel Tank Landing Gear MRO
EMXG: Radar Ranges/Radio Frequency Testing/Dynamometer Services/Hydraulic and Wiring Harnesses/Fiber-Optics Electronic Repair
MMXG: ICBM Missile Propulsion, Flight Controls, Aerospace and Ground Equipment Trailers/Demilitarization/ Static Fires, Explosives, Trailers, ALCM sustainment, On-Site Programmed Depot Maintenance of Launch Control Facilities/MRO Strategic Missile Integration Complex
MXSG: Additive Manufacturing/Reverse Engineering/Prototyping/Non-destructive Inspection/Material Science and Chemical Analysis/Tomography Scanning/Welding/Paint and Blast/Organic Tool control 
SWEG: Operational Flight Program/Automatic Testing/Command and Control/Weapon Systems Software/Space and Satellite Support System/Web-based Data Warehousing/Hardware Design/Simulation/Software Engineering


For all other areas, send request  Subject line should read:  ATTN:  Ecosystem Sustainment Partners: ENTER COMPANY INTENT/CAPABILITY.  Body of email must include short company capability synopsis, Point of Contact details with attached company presentation in PDF Format.  Information may be disseminated among OO-ALC Sustainment Ecosystem partners to pursue as they see fit.