OO-ALC Business Development

The Ogden Air Logistics complex (OO-ALC) is one of the leading providers of software, pneudraulics, secondary power systems, composites and ICBM rocket motors for the Department of Defense. The complex is also the Air Force's Landing Gear Center for Industrial and Technical Expertise, handling all Air Force landing gear and a majority of other DoD landing gear. The complex extends to 10 remote locations in the United States and Japan organized under seven maintenance groups. OO-ALC is a lead provider in DoD Public-Private Partnerships leveraging industry skillsets with organic capabilities to reduce cost, promote innovations and maximize resources under the Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence.  Learn how to do business with OO-ALC

309th AMARG

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, located at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, supports the DoD, NASA and other government agencies by providing selected aerospace depot maintenance and modifications, aircraft regeneration, storage and preservation and aircraft parts reclamation and disposal.

309th AMXG

The 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group performs depot repair, modification and maintenance support on the F-35 Lightning II, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22 Raptor, C-130 Hercules, T-38 Talon and A-10 Thunderbolt. This support includes teams deployed worldwide to perform aircraft battle damage repair, crash damage repair and field-level depot maintenance. A geographically separated unit maintains T-38 aircraft at Randolph AFB, Texas.

309th CMXG

The 309th Commodities Maintenance Group constructs, modifies, and overhauls component parts, subassemblies, and end items for the DoD supply chain. They are the Technical Repair Center for wheels, brakes, power systems such as gas turbine engines and auxiliary power units, hydraulics and pneudraulics, canopies, composites, textiles, fuel accessories/controls, low-observables, 20mm/30mm aircraft guns, pylons, tanks, and life support. The group is the DoD’s Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for landing gear. Additionally, the group's Local Manufacturing performs structural sheet metal, aircraft canopies, flight controls and heavy machining work.

309th EMXG

The 309th Electronics Maintenance Group repairs, overhauls and modifies electronics, avionics, radar, laser guidance systems, instrumentation, photonics, electrical systems and components, and ground power, oil and air-cooled generators, and munitions loaders/trailers. It supports programmed depot maintenance and modification of aircraft weapon systems and provides worldwide re-supply support for component parts, and manages the Support Center Pacific, Kadena AB, Japan.

309th MMXG

The 309th Missile Maintenance Group provides depot-level maintenance and support to America's land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missile force of 450 Minuteman III launch facilities and 45 launch control centers spread across five states (four geographically separated units) for on-site depot-level ICBM operational ground equipment.  Performs heavy mobile maintenance and overhaul of transportation and handling equipment. Depot-level maintenance on reentry systems and unique support equipment; controls movements, static firing and storage for boosters IAW New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. MMXG also conducts strategic and tactical rocket motor propellant dissection, analysis and static fires and tests missile integrated systems, and performs Analytical Condition Inspections for the Air Launched Cruise Missile force. 

309th MXSG

The 309th Maintenance Support Group is the facilities management group that assists Complex maintenance infrastructure program and the military construction projects to sustain and improve processes using efficient analysis of test chemicals, materials, wastes and weapon system components. The group is the technical source of repair for the Air Force metrology calibration systems and associated components.  Reverse Engineering, Advanced manufacturing, Prototyping, Innovation and Design (RAPID) is the innovative advanced manufacturing improvement center delivering responsive solutions to mitigate sustainment challenges.

309th SWEG

The 309th Software Engineering Group is one of the three primary software engineering groups that collectively serve as the organic source of software engineering services for the USAF and USSF weapon systems and equipment.  The group develops, delivers, integrates, supports, and sustains war-winning software capabilities through software products including Embedded Operational Software, Mission Support Software, Diagnostic and Repair, Information Assurance Software, Space Systems, Software Systems Design and Development, Modeling and Simulation, and other software engineering products.

Public-Private Partnerships

 Full Spectrum Partnering

In general, a Public-Private Partnership is a cooperative arrangement between an organic product support provider and one or more private sector entities to perform defense-related work, utilize DoD facilities, equipment and manpower. Other government organizations, such as program offices, inventory control points, and sustainment commands, may be parties to such agreements. 

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