309th Aircraft Maintenance Group

309th AMXG

309th Aircraft Maintenance Group

Our Mission
Deliver Airworthy, Combat-Ready Aircraft

Recruit, develop and retain empowered Airmen producing war-winning aircraft for our Warfighter


AMXG Overview

The 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group (AMXG) has over 2,200 personnel assigned and provides modification and programmed depot maintenance for the A-10, F-16, F-22, F-35, Navy C-130, and T-38s (at Randolph AFB, Texas). Our Expeditionary Depot Maintenance teams provide aircraft battle damage repair, depot-level repairs and Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO) at field-level units on A-10, F-16, and F-22 aircraft while maintaining 72-hour deployment posture. From corrosion-control on fifth-generation fighters, to nose-to-tail inspections of specific aircraft, the AMXG team is prepared for it all.

Mission Video

Inspect & Modernize

The Aircraft Maintenance Group is the most visible and what many believe is typically of workload in a depot. They inspect and modernize aircraft.  They also oversee the mechanics responsible for crash recovery for the F-16, A-10, and F-22.

  • Diversified type of aircraft from the older airframes of C-130 and A-10 to the modern F-22 and F-35 C-130 workload packages closely resemble a nose to tail in-depth inspection package

  • F-22 is mostly corrosion control modifications to address corrosion issues associated with dissimilar metals  
  • A-10 Keeping airworthy has been a deliberate effort with the mechanics and program office
  • F-16 has been the steady workload for Hill for many years

  • The T-38 workload is at JBSA-Randolph provides service-life extending overhauls for aircraft up to 63 years old with more than 22,000 flying hours
  • Depot activation site for the F-35