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Tobacco Cessation Class:  Quitting tobacco is the best gift you can give to yourself and to those who love you.  The tobacco cessation class uses the American Cancer Society's "Freshstart" program.  This is a 4 part series meeting one hour weekly for 1 month.  All active duty, dependents, retirees, DOD civilians, and contractors are eligible to attend. Medication therapy is available to active duty military, dependents, and retirees.  Call 777-1215 for further information. 

Tobacco Cessation On-Line Course is available if the classroom setting does not fit your schedule. Please come to HP to register. 

Tobacco Cessation Quit Lines & Web based support: Several quit lines and on line support services are available for your support during your journey in quitting. Come to the HP to obtain a complete list of services available.

Tobacco Cessation Support Group: For anyone who needs that extra help in staying free from falling into the tobacco trap again!   Call HP at 777-1215.


Fun Runs/Walks:  Join us for some fun and fresh air in Run/Walk/Trot events. These events are held throughout the year, so watch the advertisements for dates and times. Use your wellness hours, lunch hour and come join in.

Fitness Improvement Program:  This is a short, 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program for anyone wanting to improve their PT test score, or health. Meet in the Bubble Mondays and Wednesdays at 1500.  

Bod Pod: A tool to obtain an accurate body fat assessment that provides the most valuable feedback necessary to help achieve and maintain appropriate body fitness, prevent injuries, manage disease risk factors and monitor shifts in body composition over time. This service is available to military beneficiaries and DOD civilians. Call for an appointment at 777-1215.


Cooking Demonstrations - Watch then taste test healthy recipes.  Demos are held quarterly.

Individual Nutrition Consultations - Meet with the dietitian one on one to discuss your nutrition/dietary goals. This is for military beneficiaries only (Active Duty, dependents, retirees, reserves).

Weight Loss Class/Support Group - held every Thursday from 3-4 pm.  Learn tools to reach your weight loss goals.  Includes an exercise portion so dress to work out!

Prevention Nutrition Classes - Every Wed from 1300-1400. 
1st Wed - Nutrition 101
2nd Wed- Diabetes prevention
3rd Wed - Hypertension
4th Wed- Heart Healthy Eating.

Better Body Better Life:  - A program designed for the participant to recognize, identify and understand the importance of healthy eating principles pertaining to daily living. Program consists of three classes - "BLUE, GREEN AND ORANGE" (does not have to be taken in any order).  A class is offered every Wednesday from 0900-1100 or 1400-1600 at Health Promotions. Participant is required to wear work-out clothes for the class. Call 777-1215 to enroll.


· American Cancer Society

· American Lung Association

· Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

· U Can Quit2 Tobacco

· Dietary Supplement Information: Human Performance Resource Center

· The HP website can be viewed   at:
     (Click on Health and Wellness Center)