75th Civil Engineer Group

Welcome to the 75th Civil Engineer Group - Engineers Lead The Way!!!

We are an outstanding, professional organization supporting a very diverse and dynamic mission here at Hill Air Force Base as well as the Utah Test and Training Range. Our web site provides lots of information about our mission, how we are organized and how we operate in addition to helpful links to sites that should assist you about other units and services on Hill. If you are a newcomer, I welcome you to our fantastic organization. I think you will certainly be impressed by our award winning team and what Hill as well as what Utah has to offer.


The 75th Civil Engineer Group provides infrastructure and facilities operations, environmental services, Utah Test and Training Range support, fire protection, disaster preparedness, housing and dormitory management, explosive ordnance disposal, and energy oversight for Hill AFB.


The 75th Civil Engineer Squadron is responsible for operations, maintenance and repair of real property assets valued at $6.5 billion, including 1,700 facilities, 11 dormitories, associated airfield, pavements, utility systems and geographically separated sites for 23,000 people in the Ogden Air Logistics Center’s three wings, two fighter wings and 50 associate units, using an in-house civilian work force and recurring and nonrecurring service contracts. The unit provides facility and infrastructure planning, energy management program, entomology services, industrial waste treatment and logistics support. Provide the base with a robust recovery capability to prevent and/or mitigate the effects of natural and wartime disasters. The squadron consists of and manages four major flights: Infrastructure Support, Heavy Repair, Facility Systems, and Operations Support.


Provides the Hill AFB community with quality Airport Rescue Fire Fighting, Structural Fire Protection, Fire Prevention, Public Education and other Emergency Responses Services. Provides disaster preparedness training to all Hill AFB personnel subject to worldwide mobility operations. Trains, equips, and deploys Civil Engineer Group Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (B Combat Support Teams to support natural disaster, major accidents, and global combat operations. Locates, identifies, renders safe, and neutralizes explosive hazards that threaten the Department of Defense's missions, its resources, personnel, and local interests. Provides protective service for VIP's both locally and nationally.

75th Range Support Division

Visitors must coordinate with DOD Police and Range operations prior to arrival. 

DOD Police Desk: 801-777-1524 FAX: 801-777-1580 EMAIL: 75CEG.SUS.DESK@hill.af.mil 

75 CEG/CEU 801-777-1578 FAX: 801-777-1521 EMAIL: 75CEG.CEU@hill.af.mil

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