75th FSS Personnel Systems Management


In the Personnel Systems Management (PSM) office, we serve as specialists in the implementation, maintenance, and operation of automated Personnel Data Systems (PDS). We provide management advisory services, assist in training on the technical aspects of PDS, and assist users in the day-to-day operation thereof.  We supply commanders, managers, and support staffs with personnel-related data and information services. We also install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair 75th FSS computer systems and render end-user support.


Provide Team Hill the most agile, accurate, and timely military personnel system support and data services... anytime, anywhere. 


"Jack of all trades, master of none"

Areas of Expertise:

The PSM office manages and/or supports various personnel-related systems and software components. A few of these are listed below. 

MilPDS - MilPDS is a personnel records database updated by personnel in the Military Personnel Flight, Commander Support Staffs, and other personnel-related offices and organizations. It contains automated personnel records on over 5,500 active-duty Air Force members stationed at Hill AFB. The type of data maintained has a great impact on the careers of each member affecting such things as promotions, assignments, duty and personal information, awards and decorations, and performance reports. 

Enterprise Output Manager(EOM) - EOM is a Microsoft Windows-based application that accepts files from a host system at AFPC and distributes print data to destinations set by the Personnel Systems Manager (PSM) (e.g. e-mail, print, file, etc.)

Citrix - Citrix is a program that allows Windows programs and databases to be run in a World Wide Web environment. The Citrix MetaFrame client allows real-time access to data systems located at Randolph AFB, TX. This is the client through which CSSs and the MPF access MilPDS, for example.

Discoverer: - Oracle Discoverer is the ad-hoc report generation tool that provides user-defined data queries on the fly. PSM utilizes this application to produce custom personnel reports from a copy of the MilPDS database known as RIPROD.

Management Assessment Products (MAPS) - MAPs are Discoverer ad-hoc queries designed to help identify potential database errors and assist with database integrity issues. These products should be used in-house as a tool to help determine self-assessment and to help address any areas that might have potential problems. 

Note: We require prior coordination for the following services: 

Citrix/MilPDS Access: Fill out a MilPDS Access Request Letter (example).  List all users who currently have- and still require- access in paragraph 1, all new users in paragraph 2, and any deletions in paragraph 3. Have your commander sign it, then bring it to the PSM office or send it via BITS, fax, or e-mail to the location listed in "Contacts" below.

Discoverer Ad Hoc Personnel Data Queries:  You can request a one-time or recurring query of personnel data at any time. Fill out a Discoverer Query Request Letter (example), sign it, and send it via BITS, fax, or e-mail to the locations listed in "Contacts" below.