Staff Judge Advocate

The Hill Air Force Base office of the Staff Judge Advocate, commonly referred to as “Base Legal” or just “JA” provides full spectrum legal services that support Air Force people, operations, readiness, and modernization.

JAC - Civil Law Division: The Civil Law Division is made up of four branches, which provide legal services and support

  • JACE - Environmental Law Branch – Represents Hill AFB, Little Mountain Annex and UTTR before environmental regulatory agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, to protect Air Force interests and human health and the environment. Portfolio includes air quality, hazardous materials and waste, Qualified Recycling Program, pollution prevention, National Environmental Protection Act, Installation Restoration Program (IRP), water quality and rights, noise, occupational safety and health, storage tanks, cultural and natural resources, and energy. The branch also handles real estate matters, including privatized housing, environmental baseline surveys, Enhanced Use Lease (EUL; e.g., Falcon Hill), and benefits for DoD personnel at the new privately-owned Extell Mayflower Mountain Resort near Jordanelle Reservoir and Park City in Wasatch County (expected to be operational by the 2023-24 ski season).
  • JACL – Labor and Personnel Law Branch - Is responsible for oral and written representation of Agency interests before administrative and quasi-judicial forums, to include the Merit Systems Protection Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Office of Special Counsel, Federal District and Circuit criminal and civil courts, federal arbitration hearings, and other investigators and hearing officers. Most cases arise from events occurring at Hill AFB; however, some cases often involve other installations and Major Commands. Cases can have an AFMC or even Air Force impact/interest.
  • JACC – Civil Law and Ethics Branch – Provides advice, guidance, and reviews on all other civil law matters not covered by legal assistance, environmental, or labor/personnel.  This includes issues involving civil litigation and claims, base access, Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act, commander directed investigations, IG matters, security matters, medical, line of duty, reports of survey, private organizations, protest and dissident activities, regulation reviews, fundraising, gifts, a host of other ethics areas, as well as many other areas.”

JAJ – Military Justice and Adverse Actions Division:  The Military Justice and Adverse Actions Division provides military justice advice to commanders, first sergeants, investigators, and supervisors to enable timely justice across the spectrum of disciplinary actions including courts martial, nonjudicial punishment and administrative separations. JAJ works hard to facilitate the speedy transfer of information from local military and civilian investigative agencies to commanders so that appropriate decisions can be made. JAJ stands ready to answer any questions leaders may have as they strive to maintain morale, good order and discipline amongst the military personnel in their units.

JAQ – Acquisitions & Fiscal Law Division: The attorneys of the Acquisition and Fiscal Law Division provide legal reviews, advice, and products on a wide variety of federal government contracts awarded and supported by contracting offices within the Air Force Material Command. The Division also provides legal advice and opinions on acquisition ethics, contract fraud, fiscal law issues, and Anti-Deficiency Act violations. In addition, individuals leaving government service and desiring to work for a federal contractor can request and receive written post-government employment information from the paralegal within the Division and if desired can receive an individually tailored written post-government employment opinion from an attorney within the Division.

Location and contact info: 

6026 Cedar Lane, Building 1278
Hill Air Force Base, Utah 84056-5812