Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance at Hill

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  • By 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – Within the month of April, our nation observes Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance. The Holocaust was the state-sponsored, systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jews by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945.

Jews were the primary victims. Six million were murdered. Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), people with mental and physical disabilities, and Poles were also targeted for destruction or decimation for racial, ethnic, or national reasons.

Millions more, including homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war and political dissidents also suffered grievous oppression and death under Nazi Germany.

Team Hill's Special Observance Committee is hosting an art exhibit/contest to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance.

Participants are asked to submit a work of art, using any medium, inspired by that point in history and this year's theme, Honoring Our People Empathetically (H.O.P.E.). The committee is looking for works of art that encompass the spirit of honoring the memory of those lost and the legacy of those who carried the torch.

The art exhibit/contest is open to military members, civilian employees and their dependents. Final submissions are due by 2 p.m. April 13.
All art will be displayed at The Landing on April 14 for viewing and judging. Artwork will be judged based on creativity, depth, style and precision.

The winner will be announced at noon on April 17 at the Base Exchange during the information booth event. Winning artwork will also be displayed for the remainder of the observance at the Exchange.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the DEIA office at 75abw.deia.workflow@us.af.mil with a brief synopsis of your entry.