Celebrating diversity throughout the year

  • Published
  • By Angela Startz
  • Air Force Sustainment Center Public Affairs

Cultural celebrations appear on calendars and across news feeds throughout the year. Why? All through United States history, members of the legislature or other elected officials have designated months to raise awareness of contributions and events that have shaped U.S. history.

The Air Force Sustainment Center joins the rest of the U.S. Air Force in celebrating the diversity of our Airmen each month, and learning about each other to support the One Team, One Fight mission.

“Our Airmen are encouraged to visit each of the celebrations to learn more about their friends’ and co-workers’ culture, food, or customs,” said Nicole M. Tubbs, AFSC Personnel Workforce Development. “It’s a great way to be introduced to new ideas, new foods, and new friends with people who share their culture in an open and welcoming way.”

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute notes that “special observances are conducted to recognize the continuous achievements of all Americans and to increase awareness, mutual respect, and understanding. They are designed to enhance cross-cultural and cross-gender awareness and promote harmony among all military members, their families, and the DoD civilian workforce.”

The earliest proclamation was in 1973, creating Women’s Equality Day. In 1979, Holocaust Remembrance Day first was observed, followed by the establishment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a holiday in 1983, National African American/Black History Month in 1986 and Women’s History Month in 1987. The 1990s brought about new observances, including Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month and National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. The most recent additions to observances have been Juneteenth and LGBT Pride Month.  

AFSC has several observances planned in partnership with the 72nd Air Base Wing at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; 75th Air Base Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah; and 78th Air Base Wing at Robins AFB, Georgia, this year. Keep an eye on their social media for events, times and locations.