309th Commodities Maintenance Group

309th CMXG


Parts in Supply, Planes in the Sky

Produce quality products for the Warfighter on time, at the best value
Strengthen Warfigher Readiness Through Dedication and Agility

CMXG Overview

The 309th Commodities Maintenance Group (CMXG) is the Technical Repair Center and Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for landing gear, wheels, brakes, secondary power systems, hydraulics, pneudraulics, and composites.  CMXG’s 1,700 member workforce repairs and overhauls aircraft fuel tanks, pylons, screw jacks, canopies, radomes, turbine engines, air frame mounted accessory drives, jet fuel starters, auxiliary power gas units, and a variety of hydraulic/pneudralic workloads.  Other workloads include tubing, new manufacturing, and aircraft structures.  CMXG is the only Air Force entity capable of overhauling and testing 20/30 mm guns utilizing an indoor gun range.  Using Air of the Possible methodology, the Group creates an environment for success.  Operations are completed in 28 facilities with more than 1.26M square feet, and an annual budget of more than $529M.  Customers include: C-5, C17, C-130, B-1B, B-2, B-52, KC-135, A-10, T-38, E-2, E-3, F-4, F-15, F-16, F-22, F-35, MH-53, and MG-60.  The CMXG mission is to produce quality products for the Warfighter on time, at the best value.  

Engineering and Maintenance Support

(Apr 2023) F-35 CANOPY SHOP RELOCATION:  In concert with Engineering, Maintenance Support, and Lockheed Martin, the 531st Armament Flight moved F-35 Canopy overhaul operations, completing a multi-year facility renovation and shop expansion project.  This shop has been a leader in principles of Art of the Possible (AoP), deliberately planning and staging facility spaces for the most efficient throughput. 

(Feb 2023) POLLUTION PREVENTION CHEMICAL DISTILLER:  530 CMMXS installed a new chemical distiller to reclaim a chemical used for degreasing of parts.  The equipment recycles the chemical with minimal waste.  Reclaiming the chemical in this manner will pay for the distiller in less than six months. Kudos to MXSG environmental engineering for the forward thinking and project management oversight.  


(Jan 2023) CMXG PLATING RENOVATION:  532 CMMXS leaders worked with US Army Corp of Engineers, MXSG, and Engineering to develop a plating shop modernization plan.  This 5-year project will foster a workplace compliant in safety, health, and environmental regulations.  The project will result in savings in labor, material, rework, water/electrical/steam usage, and a reduction in equipment downtime.

Group Mission Video

Message from the CMXG Leadership Team:

In CMXG, we take our jobs supporting the Warfighter seriously, and aim to contribute to their successes by ensuring needed commodities are on the shelf when they need them.  We are American Airmen dedicated to commodities maintenance, repair and overhaul supporting sustained airpower and the preservation of our American ideals.  We have an amazing team; dedicated, agile, resilient, and focused on improvement opportunities while maintaining product safety and quality.  Art of the Possible (AoP), AFSC’s constraints-based management system, is the foundation of CMXG operations guiding Work in Process (WIP), flow, and takt time to meet customer requirements and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.  All members of our team strive to maintain an environment promoting teamwork, accountability, respect, transparency, credibility, and engagement.