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Northrop XSM-62A Snark

Northrop XSM-62A Snark
S/N 53-8183

Northrop XSM-62A Snark S/N 53-8183

S/N 53-8183

Crew:   None
Propulsion:   One Pratt & Whitney J57-P-17 turbojet engine; 2 Aerojet General solid-fuel booster rockets
Wingspan:   42 ft 0 in
Length:   69 ft 0 in
Height:   15 ft 0 in
Weight:   60,000 lbs (at launch)
Speed:   max: 650 mph

The Ogden Air Materiel Area at Hill AFB was assigned prime maintenance and supply responsibilities for the B-62 Snark pilotless aircraft beginning in September 1952. In May 1955 OOAMA was renamed the Lead AMA for the Snark program, which meant that the base assumed the overall management of the weapon system, as well as the maintenance and supply duties.  On July 1, 1960 the USAF Air Materiel Command transferred executive management responsibility for the SM-62 from the Aeronautical Systems Center to the Ogden AMA, giving Hill full management of the Snark program, which it held until the cancellation of the entire project in the summer of 1961.

The Snark on display is an XSM-62A missile which was received by Hill Aerospace Museum in December 1989 from Robins AFB, Georgia. It was completely restored by Hill AFB personnel beginning in 1996 and placed on static display in the Missile Park in 1997.