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HH-43B "Huskie"

Kaman HH-43B "Huskie" Helicopter
S/N 62-4561

Kaman HH-43B "Huskie" Helicopter S/N 62-4561

Kaman HH-43B "Huskie"
S/N 62-4561

Crew:   One pilot and two rescue/fire fighters
Engine:   One Lycoming T-53-L-1B; 860 horsepower
Wingspan:   47 ft 0 in
Length:   47 ft 0 in
Height:   17 ft 2 in
Weight:   max: 9,150 lbs
Speed:   max: 120 mph; cruise: 105 mph
Range:   185 miles
Service Ceiling:   25,000 ft
Armament:   None
Cost:   $304,000

This HH-43B, S/N 62-4561, was manufactured by Kaman Aircraft Corporation in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and delivered to the USAF in November 1963. By that December the Huskie was on its way to the 36th Air Rescue Squadron stationed at Tachikawa AB, Japan, where it remained until September 1964 when it was deployed to Yokota AB, Japan.

In August 1967 the HH-43B was sent to the Pacific Air Rescue Center and later in early 1969 to the 41st Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing both at Yokota AB. The 47th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron was the last to take possession of the HH-43B at Yokota in May 1970.

The Huskie was shipped to the 43rd Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Vance AFB, Oklahoma in June 1971, and in September the helicopter was moved to Hill AFB, Utah, to serve with the 1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing for training purposes. This was its last active duty station.

The HH-43B was moved to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, in February 1975 and dropped from the USAF inventory the following month. Aware of its past association with the base, Hill Aerospace Museum acquired the HH-43B in August 1988 for permanent static display.